My promise

  • As your personal mortgage adviser, I will look out for you and respect your goals.
  • I believe that every good investment starts with good instincts backed by knowledge. 
  • I will walk you through every step to buying your new home, be it your first or your last.
  • My team and I will make the process easy so you settle on time.
  • I will negotiate the best possible deal with the right bank for you.
  • I invest a percentage of my profits back into our local community.
Susan Templeton bio

Susan Templeton

Susan has a way of letting her clients know right away that she is there for them. She is just as happy to help you tackle a new development as she is to help start a new buyer in the right direction.

Her understanding of the financial world makes her an invaluable advocate. In the USA, Susan helped her clients navigate the GFC to rise above seemingly insurmountable odds by knowing the system inside-out. She enjoys sharing the journey. As a great connector of people and ideas, Susan's local entrepreneurial and social network is based on community engagement, shared resources and fun. She has a keen sense of adventure, enjoys a challenge and will always rise to the occasion with a sense of humor. 

Love Nest

Our clients say it best: 

This was my first experience of using a mortgage broker and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy Susan Templeton made getting a mortgage for me, especially as she came to my own home. My situation required some out of the box thinking and not only did Susan save me money and time, but she also made the whole process easy and understandable. I recommend her with confidence. Libby Boyd 

Susan is gregarious, super smart, high people skills, great negotiator, knows what is happening in the market place of money and SHE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOU in an effortless way. She walks the walk to your next house. Kathy White/Sykes 

Susan Templeton is one of those rare examples where her years of experience in lending is woven intricately with her excellent organizational and communication skills. This combination of skills make the complicated task of funding a real estate transaction appear and feel seamless and easy. Susan's ability to simplify the lending process for the consumer culminates in more closed deals and very happy clients. Mimi Bays-Eggers

Susan is the only Loan officer I have ever meet that has always been totally honest with me. Like most of the world our loan did not fit in a perfect little box. She was able to walk us through the process several times over the past 7 years, from Construction, to New Home to Refinancing, I recommend Susan to everyone who has any loan needs. Valerie Kovacs

Susan has a strangle hold of reality. If there is a way to make it work she will get it done. That's important especially in the current lending environment. I usually go to her first. Phil Dyer